Helping Professionals Find Their Way.

Compass Professional Consulting Group (“Compass”) provides various forms of long- and short-term consulting and advisory services in the healthcare industry, and more specifically, the following sectors:

  • Dental and Dental Specialties

  • Health Systems and Management Services Organizations (MSO)

  • Government Health Care (incl. FQHCs)

  • Physician Groups and IPAs

  • Insurance Carriers and Payors

We are comprised of broadly experienced senior healthcare professionals and consultants who apply a distinctive knowledge of healthcare economics, markets, clinical models and technology to help clients achieve unequaled results. We question everything, assume nothing, and apply thoughtful and rigorous analysis to every challenge, issue and opportunity.

We help the country’s leading healthcare providers grow their businesses through increased revenue, increased margin, increased profitability, and increased business valuation.

Our team of professionals offers a fresh perspective and insight. When coupled with our ‘zero based thinking’ model, we’re able to offer a truly unique set of solutions to our client’s truly unique problems and challenges.

Strategic Planning
Visionary Implementation
Business Development
Program Start-up and
Service-Line Expansion
Operational Optimization
Financial Improvement
Clinical Transformation
Team Development
Sales and Marketing
Technology Implementation and Strategy
Risk, Regulatory, and Compliance
M A and Transactional Support
Executive Leadership

Having worked with the majority of leading healthcare organizations, we have the proven ability to identify and solve strategic, organizational and operational challenges so our clients can be market leaders and deliver exceptional patient care and experience. Our decades of combined industry experience ensure we can best guide our clients to select the right strategic options. Ultimately our shared goal is to improve clinical, financial and human performance to achieve long-term success, so our clients can better deliver on their mission to serve their community.

When used as a noun, a compass is an instrument used to for determining direction. When used as a verb, a compass is used to:

  • Contrive or plot (new strategies or plans)

  • Go or move round (towards a solution)

  • Extend or stretch (to new boundaries)

  • Attain or achieve (new goals)

  • Accomplish (new feats)

  • Obtain (new heights)

  • Comprehend or grasp (new concepts and knowledge)

Let Compass show you how to find your true North, contrive new strategies, extend your boundaries, achieve new goals, accomplish new feats, obtain new heights, and comprehend new knowledge.

At Compass, we’re “Helping Professionals Find Their Way!”